I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#23126), a Board-Certified Dance Therapist and  certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. What makes my approach unique  in my work with individuals and groups is:

  • I initiate embodiment
  • I practice Authentic Movement
  • I provide time for creative process and the joy of creating
  • I teach creative problem solving tools to guide people toward a sense of confidence in being able to handle what comes their way.

My approach to growth includes integrating "the different ways" we receive messages about who we are and how we are doing. These different ways come through the thoughts and beliefs we were given or formed on our own as ways to handle situations we weren't necessarily prepared for as a child. Messages can come from sensations and feelings we experience in the body.  While I value expression of emotions, I also value the slowing down and building the holding capacity to have the emotions as opposed to running away from them or subduing them in any number of ways. The capacity to change is comparable to the capacity to observe ourselves "and the willingness to feel. It is this process that is the creativity."