Creative Problem Solving

I facilitate a  4 step creative  approach to solving  problems, from here out called challenges or obstacles, for individuals, couples and groups. Whether the challenge is to dig a ditch, help your child make friends, or build a stronger team in your organization the most successful path to a working and practical solution is to first decide, to Clarify, what actually is the issue,  and what has been tried to solve it. Next is to Ideate on many diverse ideas that might be tried to resolve the issue. After converging and selecting the ideas that resonate intuitively and with novelty, it is time to Develop. The more ideas, some wild and goofy too, the more strength there is to come up with a creative solution. In the Developing Phase  a great tool, PPCO, is introduced that gives feedback and helps clarify again which decision will work the best.  Finally it is time to take action, to Implement.  The Creative Problem Solving Model applies deliberate creativity in order to include the affective, cognitive and intuitive aspects of decision making. Creativity tools are practiced in order to heighten creative thinking and creative decision making.  Thus the solutions are novel and useful.

I lead trainings to teach people tools they can use in daily living to practice deliberate creativity.  I also facilitate creative decision making sessions using this model.


Some of the tools you will learn.

Effective Brainstorming


Why? What's Stopping You?



PPCO (Pluses, Potentials, Challenges, Overcoming Challenges)